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It is very important to know the privacy policy. We are publishing the privacy policy to make people understand what personal information we collect and how we collect and also how we get them. Its is also about the rights of people have on their personal information.


TicketTransfer.in is a free platform for people to purchase or buy tickets that user notify on the website. We wont get option for payment or for the transfer of money in the website. You are using this free platform on your own risk. Those who get benefit on this platform may be a seller who sell the ticket or buyer who buy the ticket. Options and features that are provided in the platform may not be available all the time.

Collected Information

In order to use our service we may collect some additional information to identify you and also to contact you by seller or buyer. For example your name, email ID, mobile number and pincodes. According to the need your information may be displayed to other non registered users of ticket transfer.

Privacy Policy for age group below 18

We don’t have any intention to connect personal information for users age below 18. In a case if ticket transfer has collected personal information of your child, as a parent or guardian please write the same to [email protected] Content providers of third party, service providers which is a third party and us can collect some information automatically. For example the application used to access out website, Operation system and also hardware device which is used. MAC, IP address and location details also may be collected, of the same can be given by your internet service provider.


Like other platforms for website, we also use cookies. Cookies are small file of data we transfer to your computer to save and keep some information saved like your username and password. Cookies of session will be expired when you close your browser. If you deny to use cookies, all functions and features of tickettranfer website may not be available to you.

Embedded Scripts

Scripts called Embedded scrips are used to track your interactions such as links your are clicking. The script is temporarily downloaded to your device you use to access the website and it will be automatically removed when you close the session.

User Profiles

Tickettransfer.in may be allowed to create profiles about you and it can be included of any personal information or like information about tickets like photo snap of a tickets. Those information may available to all users using ticket transfer website. If you are facing any issue with profile, please write to [email protected]

Ticket to display

When you choose to sell a ticket in ticket transfer website, information like movie name, timing, location, movie time, feedback from buyer and performance of rating will be displayed publicly.


Service feedback will be collected from users. Anyone from public can view the feedback collected from users. If the feedback is not relevant to our service, it will be removed as per the terms and conditions.